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Oil on paper, 18”x24”

Ryan Coleman  2014


Venice - Italy (von trishhartmann)

Pretty sure Jongup tells Himchan that he is beautiful every single day and doesn’t need to change or go on a diet or anything , cause his hyung is perfect as he is.


This is part of today’s yummy food :3
Breakfast: half a peach before run and three ww rusks with honey and marmalade, one oat cookie and tea after.

Lunch: my aunt is magical! She made sword fish and veggie couscous, couscous filled peppers, baked tomatoes, ricotta and spinach savory pie, crescenza cheese savory pie and pudding! I tried everything and everything was awesome **

Afternoon snack: wild berry yogurt and tons of cereals.

Dinner: fresh tofu, white rice and stir fried vegetables, plus a mango popsicle. It was a lovely evening with my friend, I always miss her so much!

Today was not the huge struggle and challenge I thought it would be, I am so incredibly happy of how far my recovery journey has brought me :3

Jongup attempting to get mad but instead Himchan gets mad…


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